White Wheat Biscuits

We're back with a new and improved biscuit recipe! These are much fluffier than the old recipe and use homeground white wheat! My husband frequently eats them plain, my daughter likes hers with peanut butter, and I'm particularly partial to cutting then in half and topping them with some old-fashioned butter and honey. How do you like to top your biscuits?

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Whole Wheat Biscuits

Yield: 9 | Prep Time: 15 minutes | Cook Time: 25 minutes

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*4 cups ground white wheat flour

2 t baking powder

1 t salt

**2/3 cup coconut oil

2/3 cup Greek yogurt

1 1/4 cup milk

  1. In a large mixing bowl, stir flour, baking powder, and salt

  2. Use your fingertips (the palm of your hand will make clumps harder rather than breaking them up) to cut in coconut oil until the mixture is crumbly and well-combined

  3. Add milk and Greek yogurt, and stir until mostly combined. Then proceed to use a folding motion to work the dough for an additional 1-2 minutes

  4. Turn the dough out in a 9x13 baking dish (you could also use a 9x9 if you have one) and squish until about 2 inches thick and relatively even (it will not fill the length of a 9x13 dish)

  5. Using a pastry knife (or whatever you have), cut the dough into 2 inch x 3 inch rectangles and push them about an inch apart. Now they should take up most of the dish)

  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes at 375°

*If you can't grind your own wheat, you can substitute for half white flour and half wheat flour.

**Coconut oil should be firm/retain its form. If your kitchen is particularly hot, measure out the necessary amount and place in fridge for 5-10 minutes or until firm but not frozen. Just don't forget about it or you will have some very solid coconut oil on your hands.

***Please keep in mind that this recipe was developed at 7000 ft altitude and may require adjustments to be made according to the altitude you are baking them at.

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Whole Wheat Biscuits
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