Quick Chicken

Chicken is a great way to bulk up almost any dinner, and this is my absolute favorite way to cook it. I even prefer this technique over the instant pot (*gasp*). It's fast. It's easy. It requires nothing but a little water and a pan. And this chicken comes out absolutely perfect. You see that color on the outside? That is with nothing (not even oil) added to it. It just releases its own juices and then cooks in them. Yum. It's so good, we often eat it completely plain, although you are more than welcome to add salt, pepper, or any other seasoning that you like.

Quick Chicken

Serves: 1 | Total Time: 10-15 minutes

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1 Chicken breast


  1. Heat pan to medium

  2. Place chicken in heated pan. If you're going to add any seasoning, now would be the time. I usually don't.

  3. Pour a splash (about 1 tablespoon) of water inside the lid to the pan and the put the lid on, pouring the water into the pan in the process. This will essentially steam the chicken.

  4. After about a *5 minutes, see if the chicken looks white on the surface and has no visible pink. If this is the case, remove the lid, flip the chicken breasts and season the other side.

  5. If all the water is evaporated, repeat step 3. If not simply return the lid onto the pan.

  6. After about *5 minutes, check the chicken by cutting into the thickest part and making sure there's no pink

  7. If it is still pink, return the lid (adding another tablespoon of water if it's all evaporated), and give it a couple more minutes.

  8. When it's ready, leave the lid off, and use your tongs to rub the chicken into the juices on both sides as the water evaporates so that it gets a nice, golden outside. This should only take about 15-30 seconds. If the juices get too burned/stuck to the pan, add a teaspoon of water to loosen them up, and then immediately rub the chicken around.

  9. Remove from pan. Slice. Serve. Enjoy perfectly tender and flavorful chicken!

Some notes:

  1. Cook time will largely depend on the size of the chicken breast. If it's larger, you may need a couple more minutes on each side

  2. Add about 5 more minutes to each side for each addition chicken breast (i.e. 10 minutes per side for 2, 15 minutes per side for 3)

  3. Don't overcook, otherwise it'll be dry and rubbery

  4. Try to leave the lid on as much as possible, otherwise it takes longer. If possible, use a glass lid so you can see if the water has all evaporated and if it looks like it's cooked

  5. Try to keep the chicken from touching the lid or other pieces of chicken. Touching prevents that part from cooking.

  6. Refer to the pictures.

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Quick Chicken
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