Instant Pot Refried Beans

I have finally joined the cool kids' club: I have an instant pot. Like many others, I was skeptical. Then I used it to make my refried beans, and I was sold. It really is magic. With only a few minor adjustments, my refried beans recipe went from taking 20 hours to less than one hour! And the final product is just as yummy as ever! We love to slap a few dollops of these beans on our nachos or quesadillas. And don't worry, if you don't have an instant pot, you can check out my slow-cooker recipe, which has the same great flavor!

Instant Pot Refried Beans

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Yields: 10 cups | Active Prep Time: 10 min | Total Time (with reaching/releasing pressure): 1 hr


4 cups dried beans

8 cups water (for pre-cooking)

5 cups water (for cooking)

1 large onion

4 cloves garlic

2 tsp sea salt

4 T coriander

6 T Cumin

7 T paprika

Olive oil

  1. Pressure cook 4 cups dried pinto beans and 8 cups water on high for 17 minutes (it'll take about 10-15 minutes to come up to pressure). This step is in place of soaking for 12 hours!

  2. Do a quick pressure release, and then drain beans

  3. Set instant pot to saute and quarter one large onion and peel 4 garlic cloves

  4. Once up to temperature, add a splash of olive oil (about 1/2 T), onion and garlic, and saute for about 2 minutes to soften

  5. Remove garlic and onions from instant pot, then pour drained beans back in, and add onion, garlic, seasoning and 5 cups of water, I like to keep the onions and garlic on top so that I can easily pick them out after cooking.

  6. Cook on high pressure for another 10 minutes (+ time to return to pressure)

  7. Do another quick pressure release, then remove onion and garlic (unless you like them in there, then don't)

  8. Then use a *hand blender to blend to desired consistency. I like to leave some beans whole for texture and then stir it together. It might seem a bit watery, but it will thicken the longer it sits.

  9. Use quart size bags to freeze however much you don't plan on immediately using

*If you don't have a hand blender, you can transfer them to a food processor or blender, or just use a potato masher. But I highly recommend spending the $30 to get a hand blender. It's a game changer.

Print the PDF here:

Instant Pot Refried Beans
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