Healthy Chocolate Milk

I hope everyone's back to school has been good! If you're looking for an after school snack to serve or a drink to go with breakfast, try this alternative to normal chocolate milk. It sneaks some fruit in while avoiding sugar or preservatives. We don't normally drink anything but water in our house, so this is a treat for my kids, and I can feel good about them drinking it. You can make it dairy free if you want (I've only tried almond milk and dairy milk, but let me know if you use something else!) or you can leave out the cocoa and just have banana milk, which is also delicious!

Healthy Chocolate Milk

Yield: 2 servings | Total Time: 2 minutes


12 oz almond milk or cow milk

1/2 tsp vanilla

1 slightly brown banana

*2 tsp cocoa powder

  1. Blend everything together and drink immediately

  2. If it starts to separate, simply stir (or shake if in a container with a lid)

*You can also leave the cocoa powder out for a delicious banana milk

Print the PDF Here

Healthy Chocolate Milk
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