Real Life

Pictured above: A toddler who is still in her pajamas, in desperate need of a bath, late for her lunch time (and by extension, late for naptime), and just had a constructive sensory/academic/fine motor lesson; a dining room that would give my mother a panic attack; 10 balls of no-rise pizza dough (four for tonight and six to be frozen for one of those days that I'm not in the mood); and two loaves of bread in the process of rising.

Not pictured above: The pancakes (or subsequent mess) from breakfast, the pile of dishes filling my kitchen and making me wonder if my husband would be unhappy if I left them for when he gets home.

When breakfast time came today, I had a hankering for some homemade pancakes, so I whipped up a double batch to be prepared for the next time that happens. When my toddler got up, she certainly didn't object to this and devoured two whole pancakes covered in homemade peanut butter. We're out of bread, so making a couple more loaves was on my to-do list today. I decided Baby Girl needed some quality mommy time, so it could wait until later. So I asked her if she wanted to read in the rocking chair with me or help me make bread. To my surprise, she wanted to make bread. So we did, and she loved it. And since we're having pizza for dinner and had to wait for the bread to rise anyway, we whipped up some pizza dough while we were at it. But since I know there will be days when I'm out of commission or just don't feel like cooking, I decided to make two batches of dough and freeze some for the future.

The result is the picture above, although technically we had already cleared many of the things off the table. But all of that had to go on hold long enough for lunch. How can a person spend so long cooking, and have nothing for lunch? Unsweetened apple sauce and a bowl of cereal was the solution I came up with. So now, I'm putting off those dishes just a little longer to write this. At least I consolidated them and got the potentially crusty ones soaking. I'm justifying my procrastination by telling myself it's been way too long since my last post.

So there's a look into my real kitchen (well, technically that's my dining room. Hopefully this breaks down my writers block enough to bring you all of the delicious recipes I've been working on. And if you're curious about any of the recipes mentioned above, just click the links and check them out for yourself.

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Hi! I'm Felicia. I believe that food should be simple and the ingredients should be just that: ingredients. I also believe that balance and moderation are essential. So come to my kitchen, and let's make everyday family foods healthier. Or click here to learn more about me.