Rainbow Salad

"Taste the rainbow" doesn't have to refer to bite-size pieces of artificially-flavored sugar! The diverse and vibrant colors in this "slaw" (for lack of a better word) scream "PHYTONUTRIENTS!" Unfortunately, when I took these pictures, I forgot the beautiful orange carrots to really make it diverse (can I blame mommy brain?), but you get the idea. Throw it on top of a bed of spinach, and enjoy it as a refreshing summer side with lunch or dinner. There's so much flavor going on in this little dish that you won't even need salad dressing (although you can add a drizzle of olive oil if you want). Whip this up next time you want a side salad that looks and tastes great and takes only a couple minutes to make.


Rainbow Salad

2 Carrots

1 Yellow Squash

1 Zucchini

3-4 Broccoli Florets with stalks

Red Cabbage

2 Apples (3 if they're small)

1 Lemon


  1. Using a large attachment, grate carrots, squash, zucchini, broccoli and apples*

  2. Cut off a chunk of cabbage approximately 1 inch thick, and thinly slice the chunk*

  3. Use hands to mix all vegetables and apple together

  4. Grate the zest of the lemon over the fruit/vegetable mixture. Then squeeze the juice of the lemon in, being careful not to get seeds in the salad.

  5. Mix again, and serve up on a bed of spinach.

*A food processor expedites this process significantly.

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