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Gardening with kids

On our journey to happier tummies and lives, we liked the idea of growing our own vegetables; however, renting an apartment left us missing a key component of a garden: land in which to plant it. And then, one spring day, my husband happened upon a fortunate piece of information: Community Garden Plots. If you don't have a yard (or even if you just don't want to put forth the effort of making a garden plot in your yard) look up community garden plots in your community. They are a brilliant asset.

For a negligible fee, we came upon 20'x4' of land that was cleared, plowed and irrigated for us plus help from an experienced farmer (luckily advice is free; unfortunately, you have to solicit it at the right time in order for it to be advantageous). And thus we embarked on a journey through the mostly unknown territory of gardening. What can we say, we're bigger city slickers than we knew.

Here are a few of our blunders for your entertainment:

  • We thought only one butternut squash would grow from each seed, so, naturally, we planted 12 seeds. We have since learned otherwise. Let's just say I'm going to be getting creative this fall to see how many ways I can prepare butternut squash.

  • Evidently corn is to be planted in chunks at different times so it isn't all ready to harvest at the same time. Having planted 101 seeds (we got a second 20'x4' plot just for this) we could probably afford for a few of them not to turn out.

  • Yesterday the farmer came by to say hello so we asked him to help us learn the difference between weeds and sprouts. He pointed to one tiny sprout and said, "It looks like you've got a melon growing there." We didn't plant any melons... The spot he was referring to was where we planted one of the squash...

  • Lettuce yields a lot. It's a good thing we like salad.

Needless to say, our first couple months of planting have been anything but boring. But we've loved it. We get out in the fresh air, bring our baby, spend quality time together as a family, marvel at how amazing the earth is to give us such an abundance of food with so little effort, get our hands dirty, put useful information into our heads and literally reap the benefits of fresh produce. I don't know what could make a happier tummy AND happier life than that.

Gardening for Beginners


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