Getting Active with a Newborn

A couple weeks after my baby was born, all my family went home, my husband was back at work, and cabin fever set in. It was the middle of winter; I didn't know where to go, but I needed to get out of the house and get active. I'm not a fitness guru, and I wasn't on a weight loss plan, but I wanted to be active for both my physical and mental health. If this describes you, here are a few ideas for being active with a newborn.

Walk with stroller

  1. Use tummy time to your advantage. While your baby is strengthening his or her shoulders, back and neck, strengthen your own. Since you're already down on the floor, use the time to plank, do push ups, or stretch.

  2. Use the stroller and walk. You don't need an expensive stroller to go walking, so strap the baby in and let the movement of the stroller lull him or her to sleep, just like a car ride would. And if it's too cold, find an indoor place to walk. I sometimes use my gym's track, but I also discovered that the mall opens early in the morning just to allow people (mostly old people or young moms) to walk around. Invite a friend and use the time to catch up.

  3. Take Baby with. Once you've put Baby to sleep with your walking, find a place to park the stroller and claim that spot for whatever else you want to do—stretch, lift weights, do squats or sit ups, etc.

This is what worked for me. Any type of activity will benefit you, so don't get too hard on yourself about what you think you should be doing. And don't push too hard—listen to your doctor's recommendations regarding exercise so you don't hurt yourself or prolong your recovery. Comment with other ways you got active after having a baby!



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