Migraines: What a Pain in the Neck

Migraine Prevention Recipe

If constipation is a pain in the butt, then its counterpart—pain in the neck—must be migraines. Migraine is not just another word for headache. It is pain behind the eye(s) accompanied with sensitivity to light/sound and often nausea/vomiting. You can also have migraines with or without auras—auras are seeing colors or light which aren't actually there. Symptoms can vary, and migraines aren't one size fits all.

I, personally, do not have migraines with auras (although I have a brother who could tell you all about those). For me, it is a pain behind one eye, sensitivity to light and sound, severe nausea occasionally accompanied by vomiting, and basically feeling like I can't do anything except curl up in a ball. I have also collapsed from a migraine. I don't tell you this to complain, but to raise awareness. When I went to the doctor after having collapsed, he offered me a prescription at an outrageous price. I opted for just trying to sleep it off since I knew ibuprofen or similar painkillers wouldn't do anything to help me.

When I continued to have them frequently, my dad recommended Excedrin Migraine, which worked for him when he would get them, and, thankfully, it worked for me too. But then I got pregnant and this medication was no longer safe. Plus I didn't want to be taking it too often anyway. But my migraines had suddenly come on with a vengeance, increasing in frequency to about every other week. My midwife initially recommended Tylenol and caffeinated soda. That was a problem for me since I very rarely drink soda and never caffeinated soda. I had no desire to have that added sugar in my diet, not to mention the fact that I have an addictive personality and didn't want to become addicted to soda. So I thought I was just going to be stuck trying to sleep them off every week or two. And then my midwife told me about another magical solution. Here it is:

200 mg B2

400-600 mg magnesium or magnesium glycinate

100 mg CoQ10

That's it. This won't cure a migraine once it starts, but taken daily it should prevent them. Give it 2-4 weeks to work into the blood stream, but after that you should see results. I have only had a couple migraines since starting almost a year ago, but they are very rare now and seem to come after I have missed one or more days.

Some people's migraines are triggered by certain foods, dehydration, etc., so make sure you're generally maintaining healthy habits in addition to this vitamin regimen, and see a doctor if you suspect that you're migraines could be a symptom of a more severe problem. So there you have it, a natural solution to the dreaded migraine. Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!

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