Basic Granola

There is something about breakfast that inherently allows the eater to eat simple, repetitive meals (e.g. cold cereal). Instead of eating cereal, which has hidden salt, sugar, and preservatives (yes, even if it says organic!), give this granola a try. This simple but delicious breakfast weaned us off store-bought cereals until we were ready to graduate to more daring breakfasts (to come). Plus it's easy to adjust to whatever ingredients you have around or prefer. Eat it dry as a snack, or try it with milk, yogurt, or fresh fruit.


½ cup coconut oil

½ - ¾ cup honey

one capful vanilla


6 cups rolled oats


1 handful of dates, food processed and mixed in as a natural sweetener


raisins, craisins, finely chopped apple pieces, slivered almonds, ground flax, chia seeds etc.

1. Melt honey and oil together on low temperature

2. Mix in cinnamon and vanilla

3. Once the mixture is completely melted and combined, add oats

4. Stir until coated

5. Mix in any other add-ins

6. Cover two baking sheets with parchment paper

7. Pour the mixture onto the sheets, spreading to make a thin, even layer

8. Bake at 325° for about 10-15 minutes, then take out and add the dried fruit. This will prevent the dried fruit from burning and also allow you to mix the oats up a little since those around the edge tend to cook faster

9. Put back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes. Watch closely because it can go from golden brown to burnt very quickly.


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Hi! I'm Felicia. I believe that food should be simple and the ingredients should be just that: ingredients. I also believe that balance and moderation are essential. So come to my kitchen, and let's make everyday family foods healthier. Or click here to learn more about me.