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My name is Felicia. I used to think granola and chili were only prepackaged foods. I used to say that I’d better marry a man who could cook or we’d both starve. Now, order herbs and spices in bulk (and I mean BULK) and transform everyday family food into preservative-free healthy meals that both my meat and potatoes husband and my toddlers love.



Happy Tummy Happy Life is figuring out how to eat better so you can feel better so you can live better. Having been on multiple diets to try to eliminate abdominal pain, I now see that simplicity and moderation are key. Extreme diets and fads are almost always unsustainable and/or psychologically unhealthy (unless you have a legitimate allergy). I define healthy as eating enough fruits and vegetables, drinking enough water, cooking with single ingredients, and leaving room for an occasional meal out or “unhealthy” dessert.  



In my kitchen. And now, hopefully in your kitchen, too!



In my story, as with anyone’s, there are a lot of whens. For our purposes here, the most important “when” is 2015. That’s when I married my husband. That’s when the pain became so unbearable that I was in a Puerto Rican emergency room. That’s when I went on my last extreme diet to try to fix things. And that’s when I discovered that the answered had been simple all along. In short, that’s when I started my journey to learning to cook with INGREDIENTS. And that’s when I started the journey I now call “Happy Tummy Happy Life”.



Now THERE’S a good question. And it’s one I’ve been exploring for a while. I used to think I had to have a perfect website with perfect recipes. I used to think I had to take perfect pictures and have perfectly edited videos of everything. Then I remembered why I started this. It was for me and my family. I was ENJOYING coming up with recipes that suited our needs. I wanted to have a place to keep them where my family could find them easier and anyone else who wanted to could give them a try as well. It’s ok not to be perfect. We aren’t striving for perfection. We’re just trying to have a happy life, one tummy at a time.

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Hi! I'm Felicia. I believe that food should be simple, and the ingredients should be just that: ingredients. I also believe that balance and moderation are essential. So come to my kitchen, and let's make everyday family foods healthier. Or click here to learn more about me.

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